City Historian

Sumner A. Webber, City Historian
22 Vaughan Road


Duties of the City Historian

Serve as the liaison between the City and persons who wish to use records or documents, in the City’s custody and control, for the purposes of historical research;

Recommend or establish methods of collecting, organizing, preserving, and cataloging documents and records held by the City that have or may have historical significance, and be authorized to implement such methods with the approval of the City Manager;

Recommend to the City Manager any appropriate modifications to State regulations relating to the archiving, retention, and destruction of City records and documents;

Make recommendations to the City Council and Planning Board with respect to the Historic District or any City landmark, or the designation of either;

Serve as advisor to the Board of Directors of the Dr. John Hubbard Association;

Make recommendations to the City Council with respect to the acquisition by the City of original documents, including records, photographs, and paintings that are of historical significance;

Identify and list State agencies, libraries, museums, and other institutions and organizations that have custody of documents or tangible items that are relevant to the history of the City of Hallowell;

Identify and list books, treatises, and other scholarly works relating to the history of the City of Hallowell;

Identify and list any substantial or significant original documents or tangible items privately held, including paintings, diaries, letters, photographs, and recordings, and make recommendations with respect to the desirability and feasibility of copying or reproducing such items; and

Make a written report to the City Council not less than annually, and not later than November 15 of each year.