City Council

The administration of the City of Hallowell is vested in the City Council, which consists of a Mayor and seven Councilors. The members of the City Council constitute the legislative body of the City of Hallowell. Municipal elections are held in November, and the new Council is sworn in on the first business day in January.

The City Council meets regularly on the Monday after the first Tuesday of each month at 6:00 PM. Special meetings may be called by the Mayor with 24 hours’ notice. Requests to be added to the Agenda for City Council meetings must be made to the City Manager before noon on the first Wednesday of the month. This deadline will be strictly applied.

The Mayor and Councilors and their current terms of office are listed below. Photos and additional contact information are available by clicking on the links. The City Council's Code of Conduct is here.

Copies of Proposed Ordinances currently under consideration are here.

City Council Committees

2024 COUNCIL COMMITTEES:  (First Councilor Listed Is the Chairperson)

Health & Wellness: Martin – Dufour – Wynne
Personnel & Policy: Wynne – AuCoin  McKee
Protection: Obery – Martin – McKee
Claims: McKee – Wynne – Obery
Transportation: AuCoin– Obery– Frett

Public Lands:

Frett – Martin – Obery
(by Ordinance, the Property Committee is the Public Lands Commission)
Finance: Dufour – Frett – AuCoin